Welcome to my homepage! My name is Yee, I am an Assistant Professor of Radiology at the University of Texas Southwestern. Although my primary interest is in abdominal imaging, I am also a programmer who like building new tools for the field of radiology. The following are a few of my projects that I am currently involved in or have completed.

ACR TI-RADS calculator

This web calculator is intended for ultrasound evaluation of thyroid nodules. It allows "check and press" approach to evaluate thyroid nodules and use the latest ACR TI-RADS score for the evaluation. Suggested findings and impressions are provided as output for easy copy and pasting.


Yee Seng Ng, David Fetzer, Chris Baker, Christopher Foster, Roderick McColl, Ronald Peshock, Travis Browning

PDFF calculator

This calculator is intended to be used with multiecho GRE sequences. With ROI signal intensities across multiple TEs as inputs, this calculator can estimate fat fraction and R2*. Access is currently restricted due to IP agreements, and is currently only available for research purposes. If you are interested, please request for access by emailing Takeshi.Yokoo@UTSouthwestern.edu. The application can be assessed at the following link:

Tmatch app

Takeshi Yokoo, Yee Seng Ng, Adam Jaster, Qing Yuan, Ivan Dimitrov, Ivan Pedrosa, Diego Hernando, Scott Reeder, Ildiko Lingvay

Biparametric segmentation plugin

This simple OsiriX plugin performs biparametric segmentation. We have used it successfully for segmentation of suspected brown fat based on fat fraction and R2*, this generic plugin can perform segmentation based on any two parameters and can be retooled for other purposes. You may download the application via the following link:

biparametric segmentation plugin

David Reading, Dana Mathews, Yee Seng Ng, Binu Thomas, Orhan Oz, Jonathan Graff, Takeshi Yokoo

mcROI OsiriX plugin

This simple OsiriX plugin performs semi-automatic motion correction. It propagates an ROI from an image through an entire timed series, generating motion corrected ROIs on all images with the same slice location. You may download the application via the following link:

mcROI OsiriX plugin

Yee Seng Ng, Qing Yuan, Patrick Wen, Takeshi Yokoo, Ivan Pedrosa